About Us

My Mom was an artist. Creativity coursed through her veins and art was the very essence of her being. She instilled in me that we are free to be whomever we choose to be. It is this motto that is at the very core of Free 2 Be Designs. When she passed away it made me realize how short life truly is and that we should live a life full of passion and inspiration. Easier said than done sometimes. My husband was diagnosed with a rare form of Sarcoidosis 12 years ago, when our son was just 3 years old. It progresses every year. He can no longer walk without assistance, has limited dexterity and is in pain every moment of his life. Adversity can blossom into something beautiful though.  Creating our designs is my husbands therapy.  He was a finish carpenter, artist, outdoors man, snowboarder, skateboarder, downhill mountain bike racer, etc...He lost the ability to do all of it.  I also want to show our son that we are free to choose.  Despite our challenges in life, every morning we open our eyes to a new day, with a choice.  We are free to be kind, patient, compassionate, loving....well you get the idea.  We are free to be.  So smile, and try to make someone's day better.  You never know what is going on beneath the surface. This is the purpose of Free 2. I hope that by sharing his art you might smile, enjoy, contemplate, and pass on a positive vibe to your fellow humans.