About Us

My Mother was an artist. Creativity coursed through her veins and art was the very essence of her being. She instilled in me that we are free to be whomever we choose to be. It is this motto that is at the core of Free 2 Be Designs. When she passed away it made me realize how short life truly is, and that we should live a life full of passion and inspiration. Easier said than done sometimes. My husband was diagnosed with a rare form of Sarcoidosis 12 years ago, when our son was just 3 years old. It progresses every year. He can no longer walk without assistance, has limited dexterity and is in pain every moment of his life.  He was a carpenter, artist, outdoors man, snowboarder, skateboarder, and downhill mountain bike racer. He lost the ability to do all of it As a family dealing with illness on a daily basis, we have a different perspective about the word freedom. When my son and I go for a hike, trail run or skiing, we have such a deep appreciation that we are able to do the things we enjoy. We still have our physical freedom. Watching his Dad lose his inspired our son to create Free 2 Be Designs. When freedom is taken away, perseverance and tenacity are born and you grow to be stronger in ways that you never imagined. Free 2 Be is a reminder not to take our freedom for granted. We are free to be kind, patient, compassionate and loving So smile, and try to make someone's day better You never know what is going on beneath the surface. We are all human. Our son's hope is that by sharing our designs, you might smile, contemplate, reflect, laugh, and pass on a positive vibe to your fellow humans A portion of all proceeds goes to the foundations on our home page. Together, we can make the world a better place.